The Minnie Pearl of Pants

I have not posted in a several days and I have not had a chance to even check on my emails. Work has been crazy — we are starting a major year long re-construction project and will be moving approximately 500 people to swing space located 3 city blocks from the office tower floors we have to demolish and rebuild. Fun stuff. Actually, if I were someone who actually enjoyed facilities work this would be a cool project. However, at the moment is seems to be a vortex of enegry and time. Then there is the rollercoaster ride called “Karl and Matt’s Relationship” — the loops pop up unexpectedly and we drop and then swivel upside down for days. But, we are still sticking the ride out trying to figure out if we have stayed too long at the fair or maybe we just need to jump on to another ride. Forgive the analogy — it is close to 2am. lol. Oh well.

Dusty got her second hair cut today! Or, I guess we should call that a grooming experience —- I felt really sorry for the poor guy who was washing and cutting Ms. Dusty. However, they both got through it. …as did the other customers and animals at PetCo who looked thru the glass in horror at the shrieks and high pitched screams coming from a tiny dog. She really is tiny, too! She was all hair! She has a “puppy cut” and is most cute! I also picked out two really styling sweaters for the coming winter for our princess bitch! One is from the newly-released Barbie Pet Collection! Gorgeous little pink number which is sure to be all the rages for female puppies in the know. Also found a way cool fringe – 1970’s inspired fringe hot pink sweater for the girly puppy who like to get the groove goin’ when she prances out for a wiz in the snow! Dusty also got several new plush toys designed by the folks at Barbie for Pets. She really loves them!

Last night me and Jen took in a movie. We saw the Stephen Fry flim, BRIGHT YOUNG THINGS, which was quite good. A couple of the male actors were sooooo cute, but seemed like babies leaving Jen and I to feel a bit pervish. However, I should stress that all were of “legal tender” — Speaking of movie boy stars, New England is being assaulted with Jude Law posters of his 21 Century re-make of “Alfie” — which I figure will either feature a hip-hop version of that old song by Lil Kim or Dido. Anyway, I know that Jude Law is attractive, but he really does not do much for me. I mean, what is the big deal? I am sorry, but Johnny Knoxfield and all those JackAss/Wild Boys men are much hotter. I might have Johnny’s last name wrong — but you know of whom I speak!

Anyway, I had to run by the restroom before the start of the movie. I was wearing a new pair of casual dress pants. …Jen didn’t notice. sigh. Anyway, as I was, um, relieving myself I noticed that there was a price tag hanging on the inside of the pants. So, took a look in the mirror, and sure enough, there was a sticker price tag just below my belt. Color me embarrassed.

I guess I should head to bed! I will need to catch up with all my blog pals!


October 2, 2004. Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. g8s replied:

    you really are too funny.

    and did you ever see the film, ‘Shopping’?–>

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