She May Be Preaching to the Choir, but Babs Remains My Hero!

Everyone knows that Barbra is fully left-wing and total Democrat and aggressively pursues matters of civil liberties, so those who visit her website her likely to be of the same mine — but I do so love what she has to say — I especially like her speech upon receiving recent recognition for her good works for the advancement of GLBT rights. Take a LOOK! Rock on Babs!!! Can we hear an Amen, anybody?!?!? Sure wish she would lose that tacky picture of her with the fake flower, tho.

Oh, I meant to post that, during my visit to NYC, I did make it to the Terry Richardson Show in SoHo. It was just as offensive as one might think. Still, I enjoyed it. So, is Terry Richardson making a comment about the way society tends to use women as objects or is he playing a role in doing just that — he may even be doing it at even more aggressive/offensive manner? Somehow, I suspect his whole concept is more about showing us his exploits with his “personal member” and the women willing to take part in them. Still, I found it interesting.

On a lighter note, my brother had been to the T. Richardson opening during which he got to meet Amanda LePore! Current NYC Icon and Hip Party Fixture! Which I think is most cool!

September 20, 2004. Uncategorized.

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