Chasing Birds, Near Death Experiences and Gay Chinese Soft Porn

Last night Dusty and I embarked on the first evening of a DVD marathon. The first DVD we watched was “Connie and Carla” which I loved in the cinema. Now, I no longer know why. It is a bad movie! How could I have enjoyed it so in the theatre??? Anyway, we pulled that one out of the machine after about half an hour. We then watched some hard-to-find late 70’s/early 80’s DVD’s of ground-breaking Chinese cinema. All 3 were basically the equal to those horrid Showtime After Hours soft porn movies where they leave in all the story parts but cut away from the sex just as it starts to get “interesting” —- thumbs down. I don’t know — I think I was expecting a story line in these films. Now, “Map of Love and Sex” was fairly new and did have a plot and exceptional acting, but it was dull as hell. Then we watched David Cronenberg’s THE BROOD. Creepy and funny all at once. Whatever happened to Samantha Eager?

The weather is so nice today. I slipped out to Cambridge with the intent of seeing a movie, but it was so nice I ended up lying out on a spot of grass in Harvard yard listening to “Funny Lady” on my walkman. I keep listening that record over and over again — go figure. Anyway I feel off my attempt at sugar free food intake as I ended up having 3 Crackle bars and a can of Coke for lunch. Now, I kind of feel sick. Anyway, I wanted to take Dusty out in the beautiful weather.

So, I came home, put her leach on and we headed to the two parks by the harbor near out condo building. First she wanted to go inspect these GIANT dogs in the bigger park who were catching plates in the air! No way was that going to happen. So I forced Dusty to the smaller park where we found a mass of gutter owls (I mean pigeons) — anyway, Dusty ran toward them and we basically chased the birds for quite a while. I was worried that my Crackle/soda combo might come back up so I stopped. Dusty didn’t. …And the leash jumped right out of my hand — Dusty went wild and ran at top speed toward the birds near the water. I ran as fast as I could with my meanest voice possible screaming “DUSTY! STAY!!!” …But she ignored me. She came so close to slipping off the pier thing into the harbor — I do not even want to think about it. Then just as I was getting to her she took off to the scary GIANT dogs — they saw her running their way and lost interest in their plates and seemed to be focusing on our puppy! Dusty sensed something was wrong and stopped, turned and starting running to me. I picked her up and the GIANT dogs were charging. Luckily their owners caught up with them. We could have both died. Those dogs were big enough to eat me!

On an interesting note — the old trolley tracks near the Fleet Center are starting to come down today. I spent a few minutes watching this happen. It is an odd process and kind of fun to watch. Then I started feeling a little sad. There is just no telling how many times I rode the subway/trolley cars on those tracks since 1991. So, I walked away. I think Dusty and I are in for the evening. I may not take her outside ever again!

September 11, 2004. Uncategorized.

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