Ballet Sword Play and Random Thoughts of Being Naked by Blondie

Just saw “HERO” and loved every minute of it. Rather interesting —- it opened here a week or so ago and was playing in several theatres every hour on the hour. However, when I walked into the lobby of the Boston Common Cinema today there were little signs all over the place warning viewers that “Hero is a Chinese film and has subtitles. No refunds” …And it was no relegated to one of the smaller theatres in the complex. ???????? Are people that lazy???? I guess they are because there were a group of 5 guys, college jocks, in line ahead of me and they asked for clarification regarding subtitles. They declined and bought tickets to see that lame looking Tom Cruise movie. Losers.

The cinema was half full, but we were presented with a poetic, exciting and philosophical look at the tragedy of war as a means to peace. I actually thought this was a better film than CROUCHING TIGER. I guess it really isn’t fair to compare — but this film just seemed to flow better, tho, the ending was not quite as powerful or pretty as CT. The sword fighting was so beautifully filmed. It took my breath away. …As did the actor who portrayed “Broken Sword” …But, then again, that actor always has. I can’t think of his name right now. Anyway, don’t be afraid of subtitles — they will not hurt or tire you. Kind of sad that this would prevent people from seeing such a lovely piece of art. …People. …Especially silly American people. Go figure.

Oh! The Criterion edition of VIDEODROME is awesome! Lots of cool extras including commentary from one of my personal hero’s, Debbie Harry. I feel the need to share a direct quote from her insightful commentary, “I don’t know. I didn’t care about being naked. I mean, yah know I came up in the late 60’s — I am an old acid freak. I just remember bein’ worried about how my tits would look on the screen, but I like bein’ naked. Rock and roll.” …Imagine with NJ accent and that kind of cool/distant voice. Debbie totally rules! By the way that might be a merger of a little rant The Cool One goes into as we see her young and naked body being pierced by scary James Woods.

Plus, VIDEODROME is an awesome movie. I still freak out when he develops a vagina on his torso and loses a pistol in it! Freaky!!! And, oh so many homosexual undertones — but, then again, that is always the case with Cronenberg films. I still have to watch the second disc! Am all excited!

September 4, 2004. Uncategorized.

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