It is the Little Things

Not to be a downer, but it seems like I am having trouble with so many things as of late. And, now, there has been an unexpected challenge come my way at work that I am really not sure I want to accept. However, I do not really have a choice.

So, there are a couple of materialistic things headed my way which are making me happy. Granted, they are small pleasures but I am really excited about them. First of all Bjork’s new CD comes out tomorrow. I am sure that many of you roll your eyes at that, but I love Bjork and am all excited. Plus there is a new DVD about her new CD which should be quite different. Also two incredible films are finding their way to DVD! “The Forbidden Zone” comes out tomorrow! I am all excited! The little fellow from “Fantasy Island” in a warped musical from the brother of Danny Elfman! If you have not seen it — or even heard of it — and you enjoy the twisted and strange — you must seek this DVD out! And, from the vaults of horror — “Lemora” comes out on DVD tomorrow!!! Now, my father took me to see this flick when I was very little and I have never been able to get some of it out of my head. So, I am most excited at the prospect of seeing it with the more appropriate eyes of an adult. We saw it at the drive in and it was very creepy.

So, those are the little things that will help me get thru this week. …which is turning out to be quite trying. Well, what else it new? I do have a 4 day weekend coming up, but it starts off with a 3 hour root canal procedure that promises to be horrible. …and I have had a lot of root canals — normally doesn’t bother me that much — but I guess this tooth is going to be a lot of fun to save!

I would like to fast forward to Christmas. At least I will be pleased with the weather. Well, I take that back! I want to fast forward to the middle of September when I will be going to NYC for a few days to chill! In addition to checking on my brother, I hope to meet a couple of fellow bloggers and I might just take in a show or two. …or, I might just stay in my room and enjoy room service! …then I wanna fast forward to Christmas!

Well, I am off for a business dinner — which might be fun. However, it could go either way. Stay tuned!!

August 30, 2004. Uncategorized.

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