The Puppy Exorcist: The Heretic

It is just too hot to leave the safety of our air-conditioned condo. The only place to be, if you are outside, is the beach or a pool. We do not have access to either at this time. So, we have been spending quality time with our cute little puppy, Dusty. However, there seems to be a problem.

It started out with Dusty seeming more aggressive than usual. She was playing with her squeaky PTown lobster toy in a particular menancing manner. At one point, we thought we saw the toy move by itself! But, we were not sure. Last night, I thought I heard an odd creaking noise from her doggie cage. …And she was sleeping in my lap.

This afternoon she has been making odd and creepy noises. And, when she does bark — it is an a bark unlike her own. Dusty is also sleeping on her back and when I looked at her only a few minutes ago —- her eyes had rolled into her head. She turned her cute little puppy head towards us and her eyes were white spheres!

Oh, my God! I think she is about to levitate!

People of the blogging community! My puppy is possessed by Pazuzu — The devil!

…just thought I would share.

August 28, 2004. Uncategorized.

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