Dental Woes, Image Projection Issues and the Fine Art of Communication

Well, I like to think of myself as an expert communicator — but my attempts at communicating with my dentist failed in a very bad way. First of all, my normal dentist — for those of you who might remember that would be the dentist that likes to feel me up as he works, was out today. So another dentist met with me. She told me that the tooth which had been capped was dead, had calcified (I do not know what that means) and would require a 3 hour root canal procedure which will be quite difficult because it is quite challenging to find the roots in a calcified dead tooth. Fun.

I objected and advised the doctor to simply extract the tooth as it is so far back I can’t see it anyway. I then added that I didn’t feel like paying a mint to crown/cap a tooth that no one can see. She then walked me through some medical jargon that lost me. I told her I wanted the tooth pulled.

She stared at me for a moment and we had the following exchange of communication:

Dentist: You need this tooth.

Matt: I do not want it. It is dead.

Dentist: Do you have a degree?

Matt: Yes

Dentist: What was your major?

Matt: English Literature

Dentist: I tell you what, the next time I have a question about Shakespeare I will defer to you, but when it comes to dental issues I would suggest you take my advice.

Matt: Are you upset?

Dentist: I do not ever plan on treating you again. I will not pull the tooth. If you do not have the root canal a very bad infection will set in and I will not be interested in responding to your page at 3 in the morning when you are in agony.

Matt: Don’t get so twitchy. I will take the root canal.

(tension filled the room)

This dentist hated me, and yet, I liked her. Hmmmm…

I then had to stop by CVS to drop off a prescription. I was in a hurry to get back to the office so I was walking quickly. A well-dressed woman holding some sort of container stepped infront of me and we had the following exchange of communication:

Rich Lady: Why is Tide so expensive?

Matt: What?

Rich Lady: Why is Tide so expensive?

Matt: I don’t know.

Rich Lady: The CVS brand is $3 dollars cheaper!

Matt: Maybe you should purchase the CVS brand.


Matt: (completely confused) Why should I?


Matt: No. I am not.

Rich Lady: (rolling eyes) Oh. Well, you looked important so I assumed you were the manager.

She then walked away leaving a trail of expensive perfume in the air. I had looked important, but no longer was I. I guess.

To re-cap — I have to have a root canal from Hell, I project the image of a drug store manager and I waste time having conversations that just upset people.

This isn’t my month.


August 26, 2004. Uncategorized.

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