Fallen Tooth

If you have looked at Karl’s blog you know that he, me and Dusty had a rough time last night. I think I can safely say that I was wrong for years. I used to secretly roll my eyes when I would hear or read about a breaking heart. I didn’t believe it was a valid or real feeling. Well, I have to say that the only way I can describe my feelings from last night and today would be to say that it felt like my heart was breaking.

Like Karl, I do not cry. This afternoon, I took the last 3 hours of the day off as vacation so I could just pull my thoughts together before our therapy session tonight. I came home and ended up sitting with Dusty in the bedroom crying and talking to my puppy —- who nuzzled her head on to my shoulder and licking my tears all the while. Now, after therapy, we are still in limbo – but I left the therapy session feeling more hopeful.

We both want to work thru this mess. We have to — for Dusty. That is not really funny — but I don’t want to bum anyone reading this out. I’ve been leaning on several of you and will continue to need a cyber shoulder sometimes. I thank you guys and treasure your thoughts.

Oh, and while I was chatting with a new employee who I was about to take to lunch this afternoon — one of my teeth fell out. Well, the cap on one of my teeth fell out. Luckily I didn’t swallow it or anything. No, it just fell out of my mouth as I was talking to a new employee. I have a way of making a strong impression. …The look on her face was really priceless — a combination of disgust, confusion and the urge to laugh. The poor thing did not know what to do.

…Welcome to my world. Actually, it could be a hell of a lot worse. I know 5 people who have fought and survived thru some very serious diseases. I try to use that as a way to keep my problems in focus. However, the problem is it is hard to keep in perspective when it is happening to you. It is easier to intellectualize appropriate perspective than to put it to use.

Breaking hearts hurt and it does not help when your tooth falls out to boot.

August 25, 2004. Uncategorized.

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