Gap of Generation

We are enjoying Chris’ visit. He is much fun. It is too bad that his partner, John, couldn’t have joined us as well. Chris and Karl are out exploring high end shopping — I think they also went to the MFA which I just wasn’t in the mood for so I went to the movies.

I saw GARDEN STATE. It was a good film. It had something to say and it left the viewer with a feeling of hope. However, I realized that my feelings toward it must be like the feelings that 30 somethings must of had at the time movies like BREAKFAST CLUB and PRETTY IN PINK were released. Though, I was able to empathize, I was not able to relate or believe the characters. Everything was resolved too simply and so much of what I think the other (much younger) folks in the audience thought was an original film was really quite derivative. Also, how many movies have we heard that tired old line of “I know I love you because when I am with you I feel like I am at home” …I kind think of at least 10 right now. So, I have to say — this was a good film, but I think it is a film made for a specific generation. I would think the 16 to 24-ish crowd. Tho, the characters were all 26. They didn’t really act like 26 year olds. …at least not the ones I know.

However, much to my surprise, Lowes actually showed an NC-17 trailer for the new John Water’s film. And, I just to have to say that, no matter how many times I see it, the image of Tracey Ulmann doing the Hokey Pokey with a group of senior citizens — and then, much to the horror of the seniors, she does something quite obscene with a large water bottle — will ALWAYS make me laugh to the point of tears. This made the price of admission worth it.

So, I was thinking — they say that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. But, I think the real truth here is that it doesn’t really make you stronger — you just manage to live through it and go on. Sometimes life just dumps so much shit. But just as Gloria sang on a warm summer night —- I WILL survive!


August 21, 2004. Uncategorized.

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