“Yes, but is it Art?”

The gallery called me this afternoon and made one nice thing happen for me this week — my Jack Pierson Nude Boy on Plate was framed and ready for me to pick up! Yay! And, for the record, it is not me on the plate. I am stating that just in case my mother has told everyone in the Golden Triangle Area of southeast Texas that her son is posing nude for plates. Oi! Anyway, it is framed in a lovely shadow box. I guess it is the most valuable thing we own outside of our electronic equipment. Hmmmm…

By the way, I am sorry if my posting from yesterday upset some of you or worried you. I am OK. Dealing with something right now that I am finding a bit difficult. However, I am dealing with it. It will probably make me stronger and it may even turn out to be a very positive thing for all concerned. I just felt so down about it all last night. And, I figure blogs are meant for me to whine when I need to.

Toddy — all is ok. No need to worry about me. Thanks for checking, tho.

Our friend, Chris, arrives tomorrow. Actually, I have never met him. I have emailed with him a bit and Karl has met him. So, I feel like I know him. I am looking forward to his visit. I am just concerned that Karl has Chris’ expectations far too high. Chris is from DC. Which is a lot like Boston only with more crime but cleaner and more user-friendly subways. I found the Dupont Circle area to almost be a duplicate of our South End.

Anyway, Karl has a large number of plans for us this weekend. It should be fun. I get to join them for dinner tomorrow, but I am then on Dusty duty while Karl and Chris hit the Boston leather bar scene. My chaps and leather cock ring are in for a polishing anyway — so I might as well stay home and play with the puppy.


August 19, 2004. Uncategorized.

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