Where You Lead

…I will follow any where that you tell me to —
if you need me to be with you,
I will follow where you lead…

I always thought that Carole King’s song was so romantic and true.

I have been thinking about this song a lot today. I wonder if maybe it isn’t a bit co-dependent. How healthy is it to blindly follow your lover where ever he or she leads or wants to go?

What if you really do not want to go there?

Love can lead you in all sorts of directions. How do you know when you need to stop following? How do you know where to go? Which path do you take?

Even though you know that the idea of the white picket fence is fantasy, I think we all secretly want it and that can screw us all up.

I guess that, no matter how well they may be crafted, the promises of pop songs will let you down every time. No matter how you slice it — love is never as soft as an easy chair. …birds may be able to fly over the rainbow — but not you.

Someone should have explained that to Judy. Actually, someone should have explained that to me.


August 18, 2004. Uncategorized.

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