A Changed Demographic

I had to work late tonight so I only just got home a little while ago. I forgot that Prince is performing next door at the Fleet Center tonight. As I pushed my way through the throng of eager Prince fans I began to note the people that The Purple One is attracting these days. It looks to me as if the basic Prince fan is white, aged between 30 and 50 and just not the sort of person I envision forking over money to see Prince. It suddenly hit me —- his demographic hasn’t changed. It just got older.

I then realized that I was once a Prince fan sneaking in to see Purple Rain. However, I am no longer a member of his demographic. Since he rediscovered his religion he can no longer accept homosexuality. He refused to allow Wendy to rejoin his band for this tour unless she would give herself to the Lord and leave her evil gay lifestyle. Hmmmm… She declined. So, I have decided that I can no longer accept Prince, the man who used to sing about blow jobs, sex with his sister and pen songs about tasty ‘sugar walls’

I got rid of his new CD when I found out his new life view. However, I still seem to be unable to let go of his older/cool stuff.


I have decided that the artist currently known as Prince is just a short bigot. Just like Bette Midler, but please do not ask me to go there. I no longer discuss her.

I am so pleased that the PC is up — even tho it may go down at any moment. It feels good to post.


August 17, 2004. Uncategorized.

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