The Trials and Tribulations of a Princess

Dusty, Princess Perfect, has a rough time of it yesterday. The procedure looked so gruesome. She had stitches and staples. In addition to being in pain she was also clearly pissed at her “care givers” —– when she would decide to look at us, it was with daggers! We would touch her little head and give her a kiss and she would then raise her head as high as she could and turn away. However, by 10pm she seemed to have forgiven us and was even giving us her little kisses when we got on the floor and spoke to her. She woke us up at 3am shrieking and I think Karl brought her to the living room to see if he could get her to do any required business on her pad. I am not sure because I would back to sleep. Karl is with her today. It is so strange to see her not feeling well. Normally when I get up she is just a bundle of positive energy — this morning she just watched me as I moved about the room. I have to say, tho — I would be behaving much worse if someone had removed all of my sexual organs!

Oh, so Rick James died. You probably are all aware of this. Anyway, there is a local comic newspaper in Boston called “The Weekly Dig” which seems to poke fun at just about anything. Their current cover is totally without taste, but it just makes me laugh. There is a photo of Rick James in his 1981 prime with the following in quotation marks — “I’m dead, bitch.” Just makes me laugh. Didn’t he write and produce a really lame song for Eddie Murphy in the 80’s? VH1 Classics shows it from time to time. I am unable to think of the name of the song. At any rate, Rick James is totally dead, bitches!

August 13, 2004. Uncategorized.

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