That’s Princess Perfect to you!

Yes, our little Princess, Dusty, has been fixed. Just as you shocked her training coaches, she seems to have had a similar effect on our vet’s office. Karl was asked to pick her up at 3pm — changing from the original “pick her up any time after 3pm” …you see, Dusty would let out a cry whenever one of the nurses moved out of her view. Now, Dusty is quite capable of screaming in a way that sounds like someone is skinning a toddler without pain killers. At any rate, it turned out to be most distressing to the other animals and the their owners.

Do we think that we might have spoiled our little bitch a bit too much? Maybe — but I have to say that I take a certain pride in the fact that Dusty knows she is a princess and deserves to be treated like one!

I feel so bad. She looks so sad and they put staples and stitches in her belly. Poor little thing. On top of that they placed some sort of LoJack think in her so that we can find her if she ever wanders away in search of cushier digs. …We know it won’t be to find a prince. Dusty, like her namesake, Ms. Springfield — has no use for men!

Oh, and turns out someone found my Platinum Visa number and has been trying to purchase things on line. So, now I have to get Karl to help me contact the credit bureaus so that a “Fraud Alert” will be associated with my social security number. UGH. I was on the phone with the Visa Fraud Dept for well over an hour this morning. They were very diplomatic and “PC” but they basically told me that it is likely that this was an inside job at Visa. …Made me feel really good.

…And, how was your day??


August 12, 2004. Uncategorized.

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