Girly Man or An Eye for Fashion and Art?

I am going to share something with you that I have not shared with anyone. I am about to expose myself to all of my blogging pals!

As previously mentioned, I spent quite a bit of time shopping in PTown and I even purchased a new pair of shoes. HERE they are! I like them. I knew I had to buy them as soon as I saw them!

And, then the sales person explained that they were ladies shoes. I hesitated and she added, “but we are in PTown — let’s have you try them on!” So I did. They fit and I took ’em! So, there! I have told you all. Yes, I am wearing ladies shoes. …maybe next year I will pick up a pair of heels.

Now, an even bigger confession of news that I have to break to Karl without his beating me up. I feel in love with a piece of art while in PTown. I tried not to purchase it, but finally surrendered. By the time I returned to the store — they had sold it. I was so sad.

The cute sales clerk, sensitive to my artisic needs, suggested I visit a gallery down the street. I did and they were able to find the plate for me. It arrived today.

HERE it is. However, you see, Karl did not care for this particular photographer or this limited edition and signed plate. Now, we own it. It appeals to me and I think it will look great in the living room!

There — I feel all clean and new — like when I came out of the closet! No more secrets!


August 3, 2004. Uncategorized.

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