A Brush With Porn Greatness!
Well, tonight is our last night in PTown!  Whaaaaaa!  Tomorrow morning we are headed to Mashpee to hang with Dusty and Karl’s parental unit for a couple of days.  We saw the glamorous Miss Richfield 1981 perform tonight.  She was a blast! And, it sounds like she is about to have her own syndicated TV show called “Cooking Is A Drag!” Should be funny!

Oh! So, there is a really cool store in PTown called Symbology — best known for their stock of “Ruff Rider” t-shirts.  Anyway, I have visited the shop a couple of times trying to decide if I wanted to purchase a Merc London messenger bag. A few days ago I went in and the clerk let me check out the bag at length. I opted not to purchase. He was very friendly and put it back up on the shelf for me and tripped as he walked back to the register stand commenting that he was a klutz.  He was also most cute.  He looked a great deal like and had identical tattoos to my current gay porn idol, Johnny Hazzard!  However, he was quite short and rather effeminate. Certainly not an issue pour moi, but I tossed aside the idea that he could be THE Johnny Hazzard as Johnny is always quite a manly-man in Chi-Chi LaRue’s videos. 

However, our pal David also saw the friendly clerk and suspected that this little cute boy could be THE Johnny Hazzard.  So, the four of us trekked down to the shop in the west end and were bummed out to discover that the cute little fellow was not working.  However, David spoke right up to the other person working the counter and it was confirmed.  THE Johnny Hazzard waited on me and I did not even know it!!!!  Ah, it kills me that I didn’t get to secure his autograph and a picture of the two of us together! 

I have to say, tho, my porn fantasy has been a bit tarnished.  The Johnny Hazzard of my dreams does not sew and is at least 6 feet.  Oh well. He is still the best thing to happen to porn since Joey Stefano, if you ask me.  And, unlike poor Joey, Johnny (real first name is Frankie) seemed to be quite sweet and non-drug-addled. He also exhibited no attitude!  Cool! I wonder if he has quit the biz.  Hmmm….

We have really had a nice time in PTown, but I miss Dusty something awful and I am really anxious to see her!


July 30, 2004. Uncategorized.


  1. Jerrod replied:

    Matt, come on. Don’t you think it’s in poor taste to blow someone’s porn alias on the internet?

  2. matty replied:

    I don’t think he cares. They had him in Bay Windows a week or so ago. Do you think he cares? I would feel bad if it hurt him. …but everyone in Ptown knew who he was by the end of the week when I was leaving.

    Johnny H — I never meant to hurt you! Really!

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