The weather was not good today so we did not make it to the beach.  However, a pal of ours arrived in Ptown this morning and we hung with him for a while and walked to the very end of the Ptown Getty!  Karl told me that the walk was 1 mile each way. I fear he was mistaken. I am fairly certain that we walked approximately 10 miles each way.  I was so tired that I collapsed on the sofa at this nice condo and slept away the afternoon. 

We then met up with our friend after a very nice dinner at The Crown & Anchor.  We saw Ryan Landry’s summer production, “The Septic Wives”  It was a most enjoyable bit of entertainment from Mr. Landry’s Goldust Orphans!  Certainly not up to the standards of his last, “Pussy on the House” — but a fun send-up of “The Stepford Wives”

Tomorrow Karl will be going to the beach and I will be taking some “alone” time to shop.  Karl is very nervous about that, but I love my shopping while on vacation in PTown!!  Our friends, David and Chad arrive tomorrow afternoon and will be staying with us thru the rest of our vacation. I do not believe that either of them have been here during “the season” so it should be a lot of fun!

Karl let me look at all the pictures he has taken since we arrived here.  It is a good thing that my best pal, Bethie, is going to get me on a strict work-out routine because I now have the shape of a bell. This is not good.  This is even especially bad as I seem to be surrounded by gorgeous man-flesh now.  Seems that a whole load of pefection came off the ferry today and are walking about to make me feel most inferior. That is OK. Just wait till next year!!!


July 28, 2004. Uncategorized.

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