Dueling Bankheads, Pretty Boys, Great Food and Relaxation! 
I am not sure I will be blogging much during our vacation, but I had to check my emails at work and decided to go a head create a quick post. We are having a great time. Next to Montreal, Ptown is my favorite place. I got to meet Lea Delaria on Commercial Street — or at least she handed me a flyer promoting her show at Vixen and I told her she rocks. She thanked me, called me honey and patted my shoulder — not sure if that counts as meets, but she seemed quite nice — and, tho I am not sure she would appreciate this, she is pretty. Nice smile and eyes.

We saw the Dueling Bankheads and they were so very funny.  I am not sure Karl enjoyed it too much because I am not so sure he knows who the great film star is that these two drag queens play in unison. 

Lots of pretty boys, but not so many that I feel inferior.  I have actually been, try not to be too shocked, cold!  I had to purchase one of those tacky zip up PTown sweat things.  I did take a jump into the Atlantic this afternoon while we were at the beach and almost died. It was sooooo cold!!!!  Anyway, hope everyone is doing well!  We are off to wander the fun that can be found on Commercial Street!

July 26, 2004. Uncategorized.

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