Guilt Ridden and Sweaty
I was in a hurry.  I had two appointments and had to leave the office promptly at 3pm.  As I rushed out of the comfort of our air-conditioned tower I was encompassed by the oppressive heat and humidity that so many of my nutty co-workers are loving.  I stumbled through the hellish heat only to be stopped by a caring Democratic pedestrian who asked me, “Would you like to help us get Bush out of the White House?”  …well, I mumbled “no” without making eye contact.

Half a block later the guilt hit me.  I turned around and walked back to the nice young man with the clipboard. He seemed all excited to see me again.  I told him I was sorry that I had been so rude and that, yes, I would love to get Bush out of the White House —- I then told him that I was in a hurry and dying in the heat.  As sweat poured down my face and I began to melt he began to recite a bunch of stuff.  I tried to stay polite, but I stopped him and told him I didn’t have time to listen. I then added that he was preaching to the choir. What did he want from me to help his organization get Bush out of the White House.  He told me $200. 

I told him that I have given quite generously to the Kerry campaign. …not true, but I wasn’t giving some kid with a clipboard $200.  In truth, I think I donated $40 to Human Rights Campaign.  That is all I have done aside from sign a bunch of petitions.

Drenched in sweat I made my way back to the subway and headed on to my appointments. I looked like hell, but I think my deodorant has held up.  I smell good. I just look like a bit of melted sludge.

July 21, 2004. Uncategorized.

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