What Are You Going To Do About The Tears?

People and their application of “logic” and “religion” always manages to surprise me. I hope Towleroad! will not mind, but I found this horrid little website and article this article thanks to his awesome website.

While I do not think anything near a hate crime was being committed and do not entirely agree with her response, I applaud the “…very sloppily put together Marilyn Monroe look-alike” — as the writer describes her. She sounds fucking beautiful to me!

So much is revealed by this “ex-gay” dude when he writes, “I can only imagine how the Lord feels” — I can only imagine too, but from the other perspective. If there are tears falling from Heaven, I would venture to suggest that they are falling for the sad folks behind this website and such sad atrocities as this “war” we are never going to be able to “win” — Somehow, I do not think loving gay parents, gay/lesbian couples holding hands, or the revilers of hetro spring break or us homos partying in PTown is cause for holy alarm. People really need to get a grip.

July 15, 2004. Uncategorized.

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