Pain, Pain, And, Yes —- Even More Pain

I feel like Julianne Moore in “Safe” — pathetic and stuck on a sofa which is probably toxic. …You would have to see that movie to understand my lame attempt at humor. Anyway, I think my back is a bit better, but it still kills. I might just be so sick of it hurting that I am just a wimp with it at this point. I am giving myself one more day to lay on the sofa and take ibuprofen.

Dave — don’t get mad, but I am not too good with drug intake. Karl already yelled at me. I took 5 last night thinking that would equal 100 mg — then I realized that these are 200 mg each. I do think it helped the pain tho, and seemed to knock me out for the evening! I am drinking lots and lots of water.

Well, no matter — I have to get my ass back to work tomorrow or I will never catch up. And, I am sure my boss is ready to toss me out of the 48th floor window. Especially, as Karl and I leave for Ptown a week from tomorrow. UGH!

Oh, please visit Karl’s Blog today — he is taking a poll and has published a really cute picture of himself — plus a really cute picture of Dusty in her first pink ribbon. They are both soooooo cute! By the way, please encourage him to grow the beard!

July 15, 2004. Uncategorized.

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