Karl Returns And Matt Has A MisAdventure!

Karl returned from his vacation yesterday! I am unable to put into word how good it was to see him walk in the door! He looked so sexy — and rested! He had a great time and came in with two pairs of new shoes purchased in Philly! …Alas, they for himself, but they rocked! They were selected by his on-line pal, Chris, who he met in Philly for a couple of days of touristing. Chris has outstanding taste in shoes and music — based upon the mix CD’s he had made for Karl’s train ride home. Looks like I may be meeting Chris and his life-partner this fall in PTown. Karl brought me a bar of soap with magnet letters spelling “Phagot” which I believe is the name of a cute store somewhere in Philly. I’ve no idea what that word means! He also brought me a cool night shirt from with a neat logo from a cool hang-out in that area. I also got a colonial girl paper doll set. This paper doll set is so un-cool that one must claim it as neat-O.

Ok, so I have to fess up to several of you guys. Please don’t be mad, but Karl had access to our email and my Blog while he was on vacation and I didn’t want to ruin his time. No big deal, but I got sick last Wednesday night thru to the weekend. Don’t be made at me! Anyway, I thought it was a bug or something. I felt really tired this weekend and didn’t do too much, but I figured it was just from being so sick for 2.5 days.

So, as I was walking into the lobby of the building in which I work I was struck with a horrendous pain in my back. It actually felt like a knife was going thru my back and up and thru to my chest. By the time I got to my office on the 45th floor I had lost the feeling in my left arm, was on the verge of passing out and couldn’t catch my breath to speak. I called the security office for help — the medical people arrived within minutes and they thought I was having a heart attack. They pulled my shirt off and put these sticky things on me in case they needed to AED me. I was placed on a stretcher and one of those big oxygen masks on me. Next thing I knew I was in an ambulance. Not sure if I had passed out or not. Anyway, they lifted the mask and asked me to open my mouth and lift my tongue — then they sprayed nitro or something. Then this guy was inserting an IV in my arm, the ambulance hit a big bump and something went wrong with that needle — It killed and I made the mistake of looking over to see blood shooting up into the air. I just shut my eyes and one of the guys was commenting to the poor guy trying to do the IV that he should have been wearing his goggles.

I spent the next 9.5 hours in one of the emergency rooms at Mass General while they did all kinds of EKG’s and blood tests. Luckily all worked out quite well in the end. Nothing wrong with my heart and all my blood work was fine. The doctor told me that I was very dehydrated, appeared that I had a viral infection of some sort as I was running a low grade temp which they were having trouble keeping down. …And, that I had somehow managed to put my lower back out — no real damage, just a “sprained muscle” that was/is causing a great deal of pain. The combo of the pain, weakened state and a panic attack caused me to experience what had appeared like a heart attack. The doctor wanted to know what I had been drinking from Wednesday to present. I told him soda because it settled my stomach. I guess that was not a good answer. This is why I was dehydrated. So, he told me to go home, drink lots of water, lay on my back — but to take walks around the condo or building 4 to 5 times a day. He felt I would be ready to return to work by Thursday.

So, that was my day yesterday, but Karl is home! And, I do wear his shoe size! Yay! I am drinking water and taking Tylenol for the back pain. My legs are still kind of achey — so I guess I am still running a bit of fever. Fun!

July 13, 2004. Uncategorized.

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