Liz Taylor Gets All Kinky on our Ass!

Granted, it was the early 70’s and the world seemed to be going a bit crazy with polysester and the combination of colors like orange, blue and pink — but THIS may be the strangest movie I have ever seen. …And, I have seen a lot of strange movies. I take pride in that, but this one just kept my mouth dropped through to the very end.

Please note I did not state that it was good, but when one puts Elizabeth Taylor, Andy Warhol and an eccentric Italian filmmaker in Germany and Rome in 1973 — the results are destined to be quite odd, but quite interesting to watch all the same. I wonder if Liz lists this one on her resume. I think it even tops BOOM! for sheer so bad it is good! One really must see it to believe it.

What makes me all the more curious is that this was no small budget venture. I mean they had Vittorio Storaro behind the camera for this! I wonder what they were all thinking.


July 10, 2004. Uncategorized.

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