The Ever-Expanding Cult of Ayn Rand

So I took this test that I found on Famous Author Rob’s Blog. This is how I “scored”

Wackiness: 40/100
Rationality: 60/100
Constructiveness: 60/100
Leadership: 96/100

You are an SRCL–Sober Rational Constructive Leader. This makes you an Ayn Rand ideal. Taggart? Roark? Galt? You are all of these. You were born to lead. You may not be particularly exciting, but you have a strange charisma–born of intellect and personal drive–that people begin to notice when they have been around you a while. You don’t like to compromise, but you recognize when you have to.

You care absolutely nothing what other people think, and this somehow attracts people to you. Treat them well, use them wisely, and ascend to your rightful rank.

…The only thing which annoys me is that I do not care much for Ayn Rand. I always felt I was being pelted by her words as I read them. …And she always seems so, (shudder) Republican or something.

Also, I have tried and tried. I know that I am supposed to love Truffaut’s The Last Metro, but I just do not like it that much. I find watching it to be a chore. So, why do so many brilliant people love this film??? To be honest, I do not think I have ever liked a Truffaut film. Does this make me a bad person? What would Ayn Rand think?


July 8, 2004. Uncategorized.

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