Chasing Your Tail and Crying at the Door…

…such is the life of my poor little princess, Dusty. We are both missing Karl, but Dusty has a harder time hiding it. Seems that I am either soothing her in my arms or she is chasing her tail for hours on end. She has also grown fond of sitting at either the front door or the door to our bedroom and crying. I made the mistake of putting Karl on speaker phone last night. Karl spoke to Dusty. She has been somewhat obsessed with the phone ever since. In addition to spoiling her, I fear I am making her neurotic as well.

While I am missing Karl, I am enjoying the fact that the TV is off and I am listening to whatever I want at top volume! Dusty really likes the new Angie Stone CD! However, Nana Mouskouri and Cleo Laine seem to upset her a bit.

Hey, how many of you boys were in NYC for Stonewall Anniversary Pride? And, if you were — do you remember how fucking cool Liza Minnelli was when she came out and sand “The Day After That” from KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN? Remember how she pledged that she would sing this song till we beat the AIDS crisis? …Does anyone know if she stood by her pledge? That was a great Pride! I got pictures of Liza, Carol Channing, Lady Bunny, Lipsynka, Chita Rivera, Pete Townsend and Nathan Lane. …Then I smashed my camera and exposed my film when I thought I found THE PERFECT pair of platform boots! …Damian would not let me buy them.

So, now — that very special Pride is just a memory. But the memory that sticks in my head the most is Liza singing that great song. …And my “ex” — we will refer to him as AssHole — shared a bed with me at the Paramount and tried to “do” me and then claimed he was sleep-fucking. Granted, that was a witty response, but I was still embarrassed because 2 other friends were sleeping on the floor and heard the whole sorrdid escapade and actually accused me of being cheap. I was not — nor have I ever been cheap. I am just a little bit easy.

I wonder whatever happened to the 3 of them? Hmmmm…

July 7, 2004. Uncategorized.

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