Me, Myself, Dusty and I

Karl leaves for his trip to NJ and Philly tomorrow. He will be gone for a week. He felt he needed to get some time alone. And, I think it might be good for both of us. So, for the next week it is just me and Dusty — all alone. It will be OK. I can play the stereo as loud as I want with music I love, but that Karl hates. I will be able to listen to Angie Stone, Mary J Blige and Diana Ross at top volume without protest!

However, I am going to miss Karl. I am also going to be worrying about him a lot. Karl is a very smart man with a great sense of direction, but he does not always seem to notice his immediate surroundings. However, I am just not going to think about this.

And, let us not even discuss poor Dusty. She is going to be so lost without Karl. Despite the fact that Karl does not care much for her and is consistently yelling about the poor puppy — Dusty loves Karl blindly. He is the man for her. She will be missing him big time! Also, I am going to have to leave the office at lunch to come home and let her out of the cage for about 10 minutes or so and give her lunch. Our normal pet sitter is on vacation. Luckily, this is a slower time of year for accounting firms — so I don’t think it will be a big deal. The main problem is that I will be a sweating mess by the time I get home via the subway and back to work within an hour!

I am anticipating a great return gift from Karl. He better get me something nice! …And, I am not talking about a magnet!!! Are ya readin’ this,Baby?!??! lol!


July 5, 2004. Uncategorized.

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