Uncomfortable Sex Dreams

Marlon Brando died. I always thought he was the best example of how cruel time can be on the human body. At one time, he was the most beautiful looking man.

I had a dream that I was doing a friend of mine. I hate it when that happens. You know, when you dream of having sex with someone to whom you have no sexual attraction? When this does happen to me, the sex in the dream is usually accompanied with odd music. In the case of last night’s dream the music was that old Kristy & Jimmy McNichol song from the late 70’s, “He’s A Dancer” —– which is really odd because that song must be burred deep within the “bowels” of my brain. Yet, the song was there and I was having sex with “X” — most uncomfortable. Now, when I see this person I will mentally visualize the two of us having sex to the strains of “He’s A Dancer” …Gross.

Oh, I saw this
movie last night. I was so funny! You must see it! I think it is so cool that it is getting a standard release because it is anything but standard! I also saw this and loved every minute. It is getting a very limited run in the US. I just love Isabelle. The title of this film has been translated to “Ghost River” — Now, I am not able to speak French, but I am fairly certain that a more accurate translation would be “The Promise of Life” …Makes you wonder how much of the translation for subtitles is wrong. Anyway, it was very French. Most cool!

Well, we are off to train with Dusty again — and we may drive to the Cape and make a surprise visit to see Karl’s parental unit.

July 3, 2004. Uncategorized.

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