The Unappreciated Art of Dancing Tampons!

Doug made a comment to my post from yesterday that really got me to thinking. He suggested that I get away from the dangers of one, Ms. Bernadette Peters, and try Betty Buckley. Yes, that would be the Betty Buckley of “8 Is Enough” fame! As it turns out, I’ve adored her singing voice since she slipped into that sad old cat costume in the very early 80’s at the Winter Garden Theatre. Even tho I was in Texas — I was up with the Broadway scene.

However, I must say that I first heard the big CATS number, “Memory” by Babs and I still prefer her cover of it to Betty’s. However, the original cast recording does carry a certain “oomph” when Betty hits that high note!

Anyway, I love Betty Buckley and have several of her CD’s. My favorite one is the one that has “Meadowlark” on it. Anyway, what I found interesting is that Tony mentioned Betty —- and, just a couple of days ago David and Chad were sitting with us in our living room talking about the fact that we all wished we had seen the Broadway version of “Carrie” — choreography by Debbie Allen. Betty was in it! …tho, I think it only played the Great White Way (why is B’Way called that???? Someone tell me! Tony? Charlie? Doug?) for 3 performances before they pulled the plug. It stands as the biggest Broadway musical flop of all time. It even beat out “Wind in the Willows” for that title! …And, really, that says a lot.

Anyway, in truth I am not sure that Karl or David were particularly upset that they couldn’t see it — but Chad and I would have loved the chance. In fact, Chad is the first person I have ever known to tell me that he still has his ticket to see it. For some sad and lame reason he missed one of the very few performances because he had to study or something. Bad, Chad, Bad! Anyway, I figure he could make a small mint if he put that unused ticket on E-Bay. …or better yet, if he gave it to me and I could frame it along with the faux poster my bestest pal made for me the day after the show closed.

The music that I’ve heard from Carrie is quite good. One can find it on a couple of Ms. Buckley’s CD’s. Wouldn’t it be cool if they re-created it and put out a recording. I remember reading a particularly cruel review in New York Magazine. That critic thought it really odd that they chose to have Betty play the mother in barefeet. However, as Chad and I both agreed — the very concept of turning the whole first period in the gym shower into a musical number complete with dancing tampons may have been a bit much.

Still, wouldn’t you just love to see a musical version of Brian DePalma’s masterpiece? Plus, wouldn’t it be kind of cool to see a chorus of girls in towels dancing about with tampons to the beat of the samba while poor Carrie cries? Ah, yes, one can but dream.

If anyone out there actually used their ticket and saw the show — please post all you know in the comments section below!!!

June 29, 2004. Uncategorized.

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