Dusty Comes Home!

I am all excited today! In just a few minutes we leave to save Dusty from Doggie College, which I am fairly certain Dusty would consider Doggie Hell! I have missed her so much. I think Karl has not missed her. Sadly, I do believe Dusty loves Karl more than me. …Now, that only goes to show you how the intelligence factor between dogs and cats is so variable! Cats just love me!

I did see the movie all alone last night. No one even tried to come on to me. Actually, the cinema was filled with old people. Who knew? The movie was fantastic! Not what I was expecting from the director of “The Piano Teacher” and “Funny Games” — but it was a great film! It even ended on a note of hope! I think that might be a new concept for Michael Haneke. My favorite movie star, Isabelle Huppert, seemed to be in the film more as a favor for the director. Her part was rather secondary compared to the actors who played her children. However, the film was so good I did not mind.

Our new pals, David and Chad, are coming over tonight for dinner and a DVD. We felt bad because we were originally going to see them, but with the return of Dusty — we couldn’t leave her alone this weekend. So, they have been really cool about it and are coming into Boston to hang with us!

June 26, 2004. Uncategorized.

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