Me, A Bucket-o-Popcorn and Isabelle

Well, Friday is fast upon me and it looks like it is going to be another lonely night at the movies pour moi.

Michael Haneke’s new film, The Hour of the Wolf, opens in Cambridge tomorrow at The Brattle Cinema. I loved his last film to hit US shores, The Piano Teacher! Now, The Piano Teacher was about a woman’s decent into madness via a sick/twisted S&M relationship with a pupil or was it a sly representation about the horrific rise of fascism in Europe? As Mike Myers would say — “Discuss”

Anyway, I am all excited — and, as I have mentioned on several occasions, I really like to look at Isabelle Huppert. I find her face and movements really interesting. I think she is probably my favorite movie star. I could just watch her in anything and watch her for hours on end. Now, please do not misunderstand! Barbra is in a universe all to herself so don’t think I rate Ms. Huppert above Babs. That is just a whole other ballgame.

Anyway, no one wants to go with me. Everyone is worried it will be twisted as French film often is — that is why I enjoy it. I also find that people look more “real” in French films. …They just tend to do unreal things.

Anyway, if anyone out there is going to be in Cambridge and wants to see the movie with me, let me know. I think it starts at 7:20. I dread going alone because it always seems I get hit on at The Brattle when I am alone. …And, while somewhat flattering — these men at The Brattle who hit on me tend to be on the creepy side. …Maybe it is the movies I am seeing.

Oh well. I will have my popcorn and Isabelle will be on the screen. I guess it is OK that I will be all alone. …Don’t cry for me, Blog City! …for I am ordinary, unimportant and undeserving of such attention — unless we all are. Yes, I think we all are!

June 24, 2004. Uncategorized.

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