Take Heart and an added Twist to Trust Fund Boys!

So, I am so loving the new novel, TRUST FUND BOYS by the divine Rob Byrnes! If you have not yet picked up a copy, I highly recommend it as a great and fun summer read! I do not want to provide any spoilers, but there is a connection between Rob’s first novel, THE NIGHT WE MET, and this new one! Only problem is, he really needs to get something new published soon because I am almost finished with this one and have nothing of fiction to read! If anyone has any suggestions for a good gay read, please let me know!

Oh, and as I was wandering without aim through my favorite store, Newbury Comix, I noticed that one of my all time favorite 70’s bands, Heart, has returned with a new CD! It is called “Jupitier’s Darling” and it is actually pretty damned good! However, you would have to be a fan of their 1970’s Led Zeppelin-light rock to enjoy this new offering. This is not at all connected to their 1980’s corporate cheeeez rock. I know many of you just love 80’s music, but I lost all respect for most popular music makers after the summer of 1983. In fact, rock music didn’t particularly interest me again until I found Bongwater, NIN and Nirvana in the very late 80’s and early 90’s.

You know, I wrote to Kramer, the male founding member of Bongwater and owner of the NYC record label — Shimmy Disc. In that letter sent in the summer of 1991, I offered myself to him as his personal slave. I wrote that I could either be his loyal assistant Boi Friday or his 24/7 sex doll — he would just have to provide me with a nice place to sleep and food to eat. Interestingly enough he did take the time to personally write back. He thanked me for the offer but explained that his administrative and sexual needs were being met — however, he did send me a free blue sweatshirt that I wore till it feel apart. I have lost his letter. Ann Magnuson got pissed at him and Bongwater broke up, Ween left his label to join the Warner Corporation and Shimmy Disc went out of business. He should have taken me up on my offer! I wish I still had the letter. I do have a picture of the shirt being worn by my best friend, Beth. …but the shirt is long gone.

The rock world needs more Heart and Bongwater. …And, the world at large would benefit from a new Cleo Laine CD! I am so pleased to discover that she is alive and well!

We are picking Dusty up from doggie college this coming Saturday! I am all excited! I miss her so!!!

June 22, 2004. Uncategorized.

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