Bernadette Peters Sliced My Thumb!!!

Well, I guess I am unable to technically blame her for the deep slice that slashed across my thumb — but it never would have happened if I could have more easily removed the shrink wrap and annoying little sticker thing on the top of the CD. I used a really sharp knife. Karl leaves in fear that I will harm myself due to the way I use knives. Today, his fears were fully realized. I have my thumb wrapped in gauze and multiple bandaids. It really hurts, but the bleeding stopped. Damn that Bernadette!

Last night into early this morning I watched this classic John Schlesinger film. It was fantastic and strange! I think we forget that Karen Black could ever act, but then you see her in something like this or “Nashville” and you remember that she could. Anyway, this film will require a few repeated viewings to catch everything. I highly recommend it. It was just released to DVD. The late and true Disco Queen, Paul Jabara was featured in the film as fantastic drag queen! …just a few years later he would go on to pen so many hits for the likes of Donna Summer and Babs! You know, I think he was also one of the creators of the Red Ribbon for AIDS. If anyone out there reads this and can confirm — I would appreciate it! I might be wrong — just seems like he did that shortly before he died.

I really need to update my movie blog. I will get to it later this weekend, perhaps! Now, I am off to nurse my thumb!

June 16, 2004. Uncategorized.

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