Back from PTown and Dusty is off to School!!!

We have returned a bit early from PTown. We had a really great time! It was far too cold to even think of nude sunbathing! In fact, if I hadn’t accidentally slipped on a boulder and fallen into the icy Atlantic waters, I would not have gone any farther than my feet and that big rock! Boy, it was cold! Major shrinkage, if ya know what I mean!!!

We normally are not in PTown till next month and August — the streets and shops seemed almost empty. However, my pals from Texas felt it was crowded enough. We saw John Waters riding about on his bike twice. This, however, is the first time Mr. Waters failed to make a face at Karl. Normally, he at least sticks out his tongue to make fun of him for looking at wide-eyed wonder at his favorite filmmaker. Still, am sure he will get another chance next month.

As Karl and I have been trying to work through some issues, this just does not seem to be the year for us to take advantage of the right to marry. However, some months ago we did agree to “upgrade” our commitment rings. So, we found the perfect rings at a jeweler in PTown. We now have matching titanium commitment rings and are wearing them on the “official” fingers. Feels funny to wear a ring on the left hand. Karl commented that he does not really like the way it feels. Sigh.

This afternoon we left Dusty at Doggie College to be trained in the areas of obedience, use of pee-pee/pooh pads and the fine art of not nipping at visitor’s feet. The minute one of the trainers interacted with her he commented that it was clear that Dusty suffers from the Alpha Dog issue. He explained to me that Dusty is the boss and they are going to have to break her of this concept. Our little dog was horrified to be taken off to her temporary home until her training is complete. Most likely this will not be for another 2 weeks. I think it was more traumatic for me than her — and I think that Karl is relieved to be rid of her for a few weeks! I miss her already and am worried how she must feel. Oi! Let us hope that I do not crack and run to Holbrook, Massachusetts to pick her up before her training ends! Ugh!

I could go back to work tomorrow, but as I had already put in to have tomorrow off — I think I will just spend this evening watching DVD’s and chilling out tomorrow. I do not think that this makes me a bad person. …just a lazy one!


June 15, 2004. Uncategorized.

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