A Sweaty Issue

OK — Now, I grew up in one of the more humid and hotter areas of Texas. I lived there for 24 years. When I moved to Boston in 1991 I was always cold. For two years I complained that it was just too damned cold. Then, I acclimated. By year 4 I was dreaming of an air-conditioned home. Now, I could live in a fridge and be comfortable.

Granted, Boston’s summers are short, but I hate them! Unless I am on the beach, preferably nude — I just hate the heat. Today we hit 92 degrees I believe. I was so miserable. I had several appointments and took the day off from work so I was able to wear shorts and a t-shirt, but I was flop-sweating continuously all day long!

Now my issue is not really with the heat — it is with all of these people who do not seem to sweat. How can they not be sweating?!?!?! As I walked all about the city I saw folks lying or sitting about all smiles —- rejoicing in this heat. Very few were sweating. I was a mess! It is impossible for me to look fabulous in this kind of heat! I am unable to even fall back on that old “I am not sweating! I am glistening!” — because, this amount of sweat goes far beyond a point of shiny beauty! I do not enjoy being the only person in New England who is sweating. Not much fun!


June 9, 2004. Uncategorized.

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