Post II — B’Way Musical CD’s & A Really Pretty Book!

Well, it is about an hour later and I have moved from the original cast recording of A CHORUS LINE to the original B’Way cast of HAIR. I guess I am just in a showtune state of mind. I think I need to get a recording of SHOWBOAT. If anyone knows the best production on CD, please let me know. I think there are several versions out there.

Oh! And, I got a book for Karl. It is really a very nice book filled with great photos. It carries both significant historical and erotic content. I still do not understand how such pictures were ever taken? At any rate, I would recommend this book to both my female straight friends and my gay pals. Lovely pix and a very nice coffee table book!

Also, please support Rob! His second book is available and I am sure it is going to be a great read! We must support our gay writers — particularly when they are good!!! Check out more info at Rob’s blog!

No doubt we are living in scary times, but then again — haven’t we always since as far back as I can remember. Anyway, check out Tony’s

recent sermon delivered at a conference — and just check out his blog. He offers some very insightful ideas. Even if you should not agree, it is always cool to look at all perspectives. I happen to agree with everything he has written.

Also of importance, my good pal, Jen, is having trouble finding her favorite soap! Please take a look and let her know if you have any ideas about where she might be able to find it!

OK — Plimpton is singing “Frank Mills” and I feel this is my cue to head to bed! Goodnight!

May 26, 2004. Uncategorized.

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