My Boyfriend is in Love with Kenny Chesney

And, frankly, I am just a little bit embarrassed. I mean, he is a 4 foot tall country singer. Granted, he does have a killer body — but I do not think much of that mug of his. Of course, shorter guys tend to be blessed in other ways.

Well, we saw OKLAHOMA last night. Didn’t enjoy the play, but we had a blast. It was fun seeing Karl climb into my boss’ little sports car. He had to sit on my lap as it is just a two seater. It is an unusual and expensive little car so we were getting looks for both the coolness of her car and the fact that Karl was on my lap and we were all laughing like fools!

Tomorrow is actually Friday for me as my office is closed on Friday and Monday for Memorial Day! Yay! 4 Day weekend! I am ready for it.

I was emailing with my new pal in Atlanta, Kevin, this morning and he mentioned the musical A CHORUS LINE — and I had to come home and listen to the CD this evening. You know, it is interesting to note how Broadway vocals change. Last night, the singers performed in that smooth belting kind of way and back in the 70’s people just sang. No inflections —- they just sang. I think I prefer the 70’s approach. Why must everyone sound like Josh Grobhan in a Sondheim musical? And, then in the 50’s it seems like B’Way singers sounded like fake opera singers. Does any of this make sense? I am finding it hard to put into words. Probably because we did not get to bed til 1am this morning. …and were up at 6am. ugh. So, it is off to bed for me!

May 26, 2004. Uncategorized.

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