What’s Wrong with Gay People?

Perhaps I am alone in my thinking on this topic, but I doubt it. I do occasionally see letters to the editor of magazines like The Advocate or Out, both of which are now owned by the same publishing company and both of which seem to be losing their political edge at a rabid rate, stating annoyance at constantly seeing straight celebrities on the cover of these gay/lesbian magazines. Stepping back from and actually thinking about it, The Advocate pulled away from being a more politically slanted magazine back in the very early 90’s. And then came Out which started off on more of a political bent, then decided it wanted to be more of a fun gay magazine devoted to gay life and fashion.

I am not saying that neither publication fails to represent segments of gay/lesbian population and our political concerns — but one has to admit — the focus is secondary to giving a 4 page spread to a celebrity who is playing gay or lesbian. The new issue of The Advocate features the straight actor who plays a gay character on HBO’s Six Feet Under. It is nice interview, but really fluff. The actor is good-looking. However there are some much better articles in the zine such as a story on Tammy Bladwin who is doing some very important work. And, if they must have celebrities on the cover, why did they devote a 2 inch square picture of George Michael who has released an awesome CD that addressed more than a few issues facing gays and lesbians? Why not have George on the cover and this straight actor, Michael Hall, in the 2 inch square? For that matter why don’t they just put Tammy on the cover? I am sure that some celebrity would have been willing to pose with her. There is no shortage of fame whores!

The historic ruling right here in my state regarding gay marriage never even received the full cover. These magazines were more concerned with another celebrity. They did report on the historic ruling, but The Advocate I started reading in 1983 when I was 16 would have had that ruling story on the cover. I don’t know,just felt like doing a bit of venting.

I didn’t feel so hot this weekend. Think I might be fighting off a cold or stomach bug or something. I did nothing but watch DVD’s. I have much to catch up on for my movie blog! Karl turns 33 tomorrow! I have to pick up his cake and get it home without any mishaps on public transit!

Oh, and tonight we find out what the big surprise plot twist on Queer As Folk is going to be! My new pal, Kevin, in Atlanta — a very hot guy by the way — has told me that this plot twist will revolve around Brian. Hmmmmm…. We shall see!

Oh yeah, and while watching a Fassbinder film yesterday I learned that “fart” in German translates to mean “journey” and while watching an Ingmar Bergman flick today I learned that “slut” in Sweedish translates to “fin” or “the end”. So, I shall begin my evening fart until it comes to a slut and I go to bed!

May 23, 2004. Uncategorized.

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