Lazy Day with Nomiya Maki

I had a rough work week so I decided that I was just going to laze about this weekend. I find it rather interesting that Friday ended with my credit card being lost/stolen. Anyway, I am listening to 2 CD’s by the incredible Miss Nomiya Maki — formerly of the fabulous Pizzicato Five. Anyway, I finally found her two solo recordings. If one is interested both are fantastic, but my personal favorite is “Miss Maki Nomiya Sings!” the newer CD release is more focused on straight-ahead rock. The version I secured is entitled “Lady Miss Warp” — it is quite good, but the other is more fun! Plus the packaging for “Miss Maki Nomiya Sings!” is way-cool!

After a bit of blogging I plan to immerse myself in some Fassbinder German film viewing thanks to the wondrous technology of DVD! I am kind of toying with the idea of writing about Fassbinder — not on blog,but more of, I guess, a thesis of sorts — just to see where it might lead me. I don’t know. The books I have read thus far do not capture all of what I see and feel in his work. Rainer Werner Fassbinder — A New Perspective from an Office Manager in Boston. …It could happen. No one will read it, but I could still write it. lol!

I was up far too late last night writing my biggest blog entry ever on the films of Goddess Barbra. I am afraid to even look at it as I wasn’t finished until after 2:00 AM. Sad, actually. I wonder if anyone will read it? And I wonder if one of the readers might be a part of the Streisand On-Line Forum to which I subscribe? They tend to get a little defensive when it comes to Babs. I mean, I have loved her work since I was 4 — but I am rather realistic about things.

Oh, by the way — Monday is Karl’s33rd birthday! So stop by and wish him a happy one! I gave him a puppy named Dusty and a new book all about (gasp) Leather. It is filled with sexy photos for my baby! He may not be willing to marry me and loves to look at pix of men in leather, but I still love him. And, certainly, a hot man in leather is not bad to look at!

Oh! Look at this! I find some of it quite sexy and revolting all at the same time. I wonder if I am developing a fetish for tats and piercings? Hmmmmm… I once went out, well “did” a guy with a Prince Albert. It was odd. He had to sit to pee or he made a big mess.

May 22, 2004. Uncategorized.

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