A Few Thoughts On My Day At Home With Fassbinder & Dusty

I have to confess I enjoyed my time late last night into the early hours of this morning. Knowing that I was not going into work, I stayed up late playing on the computer and listening to music. I roamed all over out.com — visited Boston, New York City, Salt Lake City, Oklahoma City and Columbus reading profiles and providing ratings. It was much fun. It seems that Ohio and Utah has a high number of very good looking men. Why? I don’t know, but if I were gay and in Utah — I think I would just leave. But that is me. I just need to be surrounded by noise, concrete and urban blight. At any rate, I had a nice evening.

Today hasn’t been so great. I have been a bit bored. I have been trying to train Dusty to stop barking so much. I do not think I am making much progress, but I think she is starting to understand that I will put her in her cage when she starts barking up a storm. She is in her cage now. I feel mean, but she just starts barking and will not stop. It drives Karl crazy so I am trying to break her of the habit. I think she is frustrated with me because I am not able to play with her today. I am not supposed to be moving around much today.

I’ve spent the day watching Fassbinder movies. His work really fascinates me. No one else I know seems to be at all interested, but I think this director was really brilliant. His films are so complex and simple all at once. Well, that is all I have to share today. Tomorrow night Karl and I are having dinner with a friend we have made on-line. Looking forward to it!

May 12, 2004. Uncategorized.

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