Thiswas so very funny. There were only 5 of us in the theatre, but after the first 10 minutes or so there were only 2 of us left. We both laughed throughout the film! When the film was over the guy said to me, “Dude! That was so fucking funny!” And I replied, “Why, yes it was my good friend!” Then we both laughed and went on our separate ways on this beautiful Saturday!

Also, I just think that Ian Roberts is so cute! So is David Cross —- and they were both in it! Actually, it was the whole cast of the Upright Citizens Brigade. I really miss that show! Here is the link to the movie’s site to see if it is coming to a cinema near you. If you are a bit twisted regarding humor or if you love the UCB — you will want to see this!

Sadly, I didn’t find This this to be much fun. However, the imagery was fantastic and made it worth seeing. I guess I just expected more.

May 8, 2004. Uncategorized.

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