The Sun ‘ll Come Out — Tomorrow! Bet Your Bottom Dollar!

I hope that I didn’t just plant that sappy Charnin song into someone’s head. Nothing worse than to have a 13 year old Broadway belter stuck in your head — even when it is spring. I think Charnin wrote the score to ANNIE. I might be wrong. Oh well, it doesn’t matter. The most important thing is that tomorrow will be Friday and it just has to be better than today was pour moi! I spent the morning in meetings, the afternoon reviewing financials that turned out to be invalid — causing me great distress as I thought I had made some really horrible mistakes while my boss was out — luckily, the mistakes were not of my making. …But it took a good 3 hours before we figured that out. Ugh! And, then, one of our best assistants gave me her notice and only gave me a one week notice.

…And I have gone out on more than a few limbs for her over the years. I was most frustrated. …And, yet, happy for her because I think she might be really happy in this new job. Just wish she would have given me some notice! Arghhhh! You know, maybe I am a total sucker — but I think, with the exception of one really bad job where I was treated like total shit, I have always given a minimum of 3 weeks notice. I guess one shouldn’t expect everyone to be like his or her self.

Well, anyway tomorrow is Friday and I am going to be seeing THIS! I suspect I will be going all alone, but that is OK because I have been waiting to see this movie for quite a while! Yes, tomorrow will be a much better day — just like that annoying little Annie sings about!


May 6, 2004. Uncategorized.

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