Quite Possibly — The Most Important Thing to Happen to DVD Ever!

Just in case you are not aware, I am compelled to be sure that this important information, which has a tremendous impact on the DVD industry, be shared with everyone as quickly as possible. I hope that you are sitting as you read the words I am about to write. The Sonny & Cher Show “Ultimate Collection” featuring 3 DVDs and full length commentary from Cher and a special section devoted to the costumes of Bob Mackie hit stores today. Yes, like you, I am holding back the tears of joy. This is something that we’ve al been waiting and working for —- we have all been so patient. And our moment has finally arrived.

Over 14 hours of Sonny & Cher material —- including the full final season. …You know, the one. Where they were divorced, shook hands and made very uncomfortable and inappropriate jokes against one another. Yes, that season. Full on — all of it! And, for those of us who are just a bit too young to remember — we will be able to see Cher perform “Half Breed” and “Dark Lady” for the first time — video recorded the very week those all time hit singles hit the stores. Yes, it is true. We will be able to see Cher and Michael Jackson together — looking as they once looked: normal, but in odd clothes and dizzying hair stylings of the mid 1970’s. I can hardly contain my excitement.

However, there is only so much that heaven will allow. The original intent was to also include the full season of The Cher Show. You know, the one. Where she did it all by herself after she left Sonny and got knocked up by one of the Allman Bros. Yes, that is the one. Well, my friends, the wisdom of the Powers That Be have decided to hold off on releasing that gem. Of course we can hope. We can go on. Sooner or later — maybe this coming Christmas — we will all find The Cher Show under our respective holiday tree or simply on a table, if you do not celebrate the birth of the man who we later tortured on a cross to relieve of us all our sins so that we can do bad things and just apologize for them later — you, too, will have access once that magic show comes out on DVD.

But, now is not the time to feel let down about the lack of The Cher Show — we have plenty of Sonny & Cher Show to watch, study and enjoy! As a reminder — try not to sit too close to the TV screen. The glitter of the sets and costumes could cause seizures. That wouldn’t be good. So, purchase and watch — with the required precautions — The very best of Sonny & Cher. I can feel the goose bumps flying around cyber space.

Even our President and the Massachusetts Governor are unable to take this joy from us. This is our moment. The moment of Sonny & Cher!!!! Blessed be!

May 4, 2004. Uncategorized.

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