A Visit to the Vet

I was up way too late last night watching some of my Fassbinder movies — and paid the price today, my day off from work. Poor Dusty got sick. We had to bring her to the vet as the one who came to us is out of town, but we have now decided that we better stick with the vet we just visited. Turned out that poor Dusty had ear mites! Poor baby! She is fine and on meds — and the vet had us change her food for a while.

Anyway, that has taken up most of the day. And, now, I am just tired. Think I will take a nap. Sorry for the dull posting!

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We Need A Little Liza…

I was thinking about it and decided that Sony needs to get its act together and put that classic Bob Fosse TV special from 1972 or 1973 (I know it was the early 70’s) —- “Liza With a Z” to DVD. I mean what a great time to market Liza and the dance moves of Bob Fosse! They could even have Liza provide drunken commentary! It would be fantastic with an S! I think I remember watching it — but I did have the LP when I was in elementary school. Didn’t care for her singing voice much, but I did really enjoy this song she sang about this girl who traveled round the world to meet the love of her life and it turned out he lived next door to her back in New York. …and she sang a Broadway version of “Son of a Preacherman” — trust me, I am sure it caused no concern for Dusty Springfield! ha!

But, I really think that what the world need NOW —- is a DVD presentation of Liza with a Z! Now!

I don’t like the new opening sequence or song for QAF. I don’t like change. I liked the original opening better! Much upset. However I really enjoyed the scene where the teen whore’s mom freaked out after he kissed her and told her he was HIV positive and then she no longer wanted him to come home with her! Too funny! …well, funny in the way the show presented it from a “dramatic” standpoint. Funny too how the accountant looks hotter when he is going thru re-hab than when he was healthy. The junkie look works for him. Oh, I am so glad Queer as Folk is back!

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Jen’s Yummy Dinner!

Jen came over and made us the most incredible dinner and desert! The food was wonderful and the company even better. Jen is looking quite good these days —- she is becoming waif-like thin! …and I don’t know how when she cooks this well! We had a blast!

Karl is taking a shower and we are waiting in anticipation for the new QUEER AS FOLK to come on! And then I can stay up late and continue forward with my Fassbinder project! …my new obsession. …Germanic queer angst.

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Sunday, Queer, Sunday

After a night of Fassbinder (still have a long way to go before I get thru all of these DVD’s!) I woke up from a nice sleep and decided to head out to the cinema in Cambridge and saw AKA — a bit of queer cinema from the UK. I believe it was based on a true story. I rather liked it.

On my way home I picked up the first NERD cd and the new one THE DIVINE COMEDY — I miss the fun old days of TDC when Neil Hannon was into his whole Burt Bacharach thing. Now, he is so gloomy. However, he is cuter than ever. You know, I think he may only be about 3 feet tall. Nothing wrong with that, but I get this impression when I see him in photos with other people.

Karl is out running errands and Dusty is pretending she is some sort of monster attacking one of her puppy toys.

Jen is coming over tonight — should be much fun!

Oh, and Queer As Folk returns on Showtime tonight!!!! Am all excited to find out what is going on in lovely gay-positive Pittsburgh, that actually looks a lot like Canada — but who’s looking anyway? It is my gay Melrose Place — and I am proud of it.

So, now I plan to put some work into my movie blog page which may actually be more trouble than it is worth. I will not give up on it yet!

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Public Abuse

So, we saw CONNIE & CARLA (liked it!) and then had lunch at Fajiata and Rita’s —- then I decided to catch KILL BILL VOLUME 2 (really liked it!) …but then the oddest things happened to me as I walked home from the cinema. Complete strangers were hostile to me! For no reason that I can think of —— every single bum/homeless person screamed at me as I walked past, old passer-bys looked at me with hostility and then some teens in a passing car threw a half-eaten burger at me — hit me in the ass. What is up? Why I am causing such distress and anger to these strangers in my hood? Folks were nice to me at the cinema. …Of course I am probably their best customer so I guess they have to be friendly toward me.

Anyway, let’s tell people to treat me in a nicer way. I mean, I am really all about the love.

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Fassbinder, Puppies, Wanna-Be Drag Queens and Pizza

We had a lovely dinner with Rick and Tom. Good food and even better company — too bad I am so old and tired. I just wasn’t up to hanging out at the gay bar near our place. Karl and I called it a night at 10pm. What has happened to me????

Anyway, on the roster for the day — We are off to see the Toni Collette flick, CONNIE AND CARLA. I believe it is about two Jersey girls on the run from the mob who take refuge in Vegas and pose as drag queens. My only worry is that it is written by that lady who wrote MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING. …I fucking hated that movie, but I do love Toni Collette. So we shall see.

And, then I plan to jump into my Fassbinder experience — I’ve many of his films to watch and then report on movie blog! Long weekend end for me — Monday is Patriot’s Day in New England — or as I like to call it, The Boston Marathon Day from Hell. Anyway, one can’t really access our office building due to the marathon — so I have Monday off. We shall see how many Fassbinder films I can view from this afternoon thru Monday! Any bets? Any guidance regarding that crazed German film director?

I have invited my bro to join me for the Fassbinder mind warp, but I’ve not heard back from him yet.

My pal, Jennifer, is coming over on Sunday to meet Dusty and play with her a bit — and then she wants to make me and Karl dinner! I hate the idea of her coming to meet our puppy and see our new place and then slaving over our stove (I think that is what one calls it) — but she claims she wants to —– and as she is one of the best cooks I have ever known, I don’t see how I can turn her down! Hee! Hee! I wonder if Jen would want to see a Fassbinder film — or maybe this will be my time to take a break from German angst. Hmmmmm….

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Laundry, My Twitchy Lover and His Dim-Witted Puppy!

While Karl’s puppy, Dusty, just makes me so happy —- I mean after the hell of the office it is so nice to walk in and have this cute, soft and tiny little doggie run up to love me! Karl is glad to see me too, but I think it might be more because I take the dog off his hands for a while. While the puppy comforts me — she seems to make Karl all tense and twitchy. Anyway, tonight as Karl was doing the laundry and tossing the clothes out of the hamper on to the floor in sorted piles — Dusty was scampering to get caught under the falling clothes. So I would see my shirt running across the room and into the wall. …Dusty isn’t very smart. In fact, she may well be retarded. But we love our special puppy all the same.

Ok, so I promise I won’t let my blog turn into a log of puppy stories!

On to a more “heady” topic —- I am VERY disappointed with the cover boy on the new issue of UNZIPPED (think Tiger Beat gone Gay Porn Star KRAZY!!! Yay!) — Anyway, this month’s model is all waxed and assembly line looking. Last month’s cover boy was a man and he was HOT! Anyway, there is a great article on handjob tips! Highly rec. reading! Even you straight girls might get some valuable tips that your straight boyz would love for you to know! Rush out to your local porn star and pick up a copy! …Actually, I just noticed that Barnes and Nobles sells it! Wow — boners at B&N!

Anyway, better close for now and go read my fave blogs! By the way, I figured out how to link to Ian’s way-cool site. Link is to the right — or click Here!

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Ben Jelen…

Is he the Elton John for the naughts or the male Tori Amos for the decade? I guess we will need to wait for the next two CD’s before we will really know. Personally, I feel he is like Tori with a big ol dick. At least it is my hope that he has a big one! He is so cute!

…However, he is no Enrique or Freddie Prinze, Jr. Anyway, I had Jelen’s CD in the bedroom stereo and somehow the alarm setting was set —- so at about 3am the stereo started blaring Ben at top volume. All I can remember is waking up and trying to hit Karl because I felt he was responsible for some reason. He had to crawl out of bed and turn it off.

I am also about to enter a Fasbinder stage. During my depression spending spree I purchased a number of his movies on DVD. I’ve always wanted to watch his movies — now I will study them! Have no fear, I will provide a report on my movie blog. Anyway, his movies have always seemed so interesting to me. Can’t wait to watch — have a long weekend coming up.

By the way — Jen???? Are you out there? You promised me you would help get my movie page set up with comments and that stuff. I have tried and tried, but I just can’t seem to get it right. Help? Please?

Oh, they retrieved all of my data — for the most part. At least I know when my next minor surgical procedure is happening! Ugh! I really miss my boss —- work isn’t much fun without her. And the corporate intrigue continues —- I just don’t think I am smart enough to swim with all of these sharks, but I seem to be getting by without getting bit.

Oh, I found a great new site via Thomas at Homoesque — also, the writer of this site is a real cutie! Check it out Here! …oh, the link doesn’t work. Hmmmm… You know, I should be more polite and check to make sure he would even want me to link to his site. So check back!

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Your Data Has Been Deleted

Today was not a particularly easy day at work. Of course, it seems that they seldom are easy. However, this morning I discovered that my new PalmPilot Treo 600 was duplicating a couple of appointments when I sync’d with my PC. So, I asked a representative from our IT team to take a look — this turned into an all day ordeal which prevented me from accessing my computer for most of the day. And, then —- at the far end of the day the IT dude tells me all is ok and ready to roll. I sit back at my desk, my office door shut so that I can focus as I needed to leave on time at 5:30pm today. And as I started to climb through my scary email in-box, I decided to check what was on the schedule for tomorrow. …all of my calendar entries for the remainder of 2004 had been deleted. Gone.

Now, for those of you who know me — you will understand that this means I am truly screwed as I have no memory. Too much pot and misc. drug use did away with far too many brain cells during the course of my youth. I DEPEND upon my Notes calendar and my PalmPilot — or as I am known to call it, my brain.

As a lethal combination of panic and anger took over —- I took a few deep gushes of re-circulated air into my lungs and left what will probably go down as the most desperate and sad voice mail in the history of voice mail for my poor assistant. For about 2 minutes I basically cried into the phone to Angie begging her to somehow fix this for me in the morning so that I can avoid having to kill anyone in IT. …but then I decided this was silly —I would just have the IT dude come back to my office and FIX IT! After much annoying banter via our Sametime system — I got him down to my office. He was able to pull my calendar info up, but told me he would have to work on it tomorrow to get it all fixed.

I threw up and came home. Played with puppy. Moaned to Karl. …and then fell asleep infront of the TV as some out of focus blonde rambled on about the break-up of John Stamos and his model/actress wife. …I can only assume this is because Mr. Stamos is actually gay and madly in love with me, but that is a whole other Blog. Anyway, I slept for over 2 hours. I will probably not sleep tonight and when and if I do — I shall be dreaming of the IT horrors that await me tomorrow!!!

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Since my brother moved out the cleaning of our condo has gone downhill quickly — and it is my fault! The bedroom bathroom is absolutely disgusting and poor little Dusty smells like a dog. Smelling like a dog is not acceptable for me.

So, tonight I shall clean the bathrooms and bath the puppy. I will be most unhappy as I toil away in the bathrooms, but the puppy will be even more unhappy as I give her a bath. Karl has stated that he refuses to help me with the bathing of Dusty because he feels that a bath a week is excessive for the dog. However, this is a prissy little Shih Tzu and she needs to smell pretty and be al combed. She will feel better about herself and I will be much more comfortable with her crawling over me to nap.

The Nick and Jessica Simpson Variety Hour was a total blast! Even more fun than looking at a car wreck! It was like it was 1977 all over again — laugh tracks-a-plenty! I hope they get picked up by the network because I could learn to live for this show! I felt embarrased all the way through it — such fun to see such bad entertainment. You know, when something gets so bad it turns to good again? Well, that is the Nick and Jessica Simpson Variety Hour! Sort of like a dumbed-down version of Sunny & Cher — and that show was already pretty dumb!

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