Come Back to the Five and Dime, David Ashfield, David Ashfield — or Paul Morgan if David isn’t Available

Who cares about Jimmy Dean —- send me my fave 80’s gay porn idol, David Ashfield. He was so cute and hot. Whatever happened to him? Does anyone know? I worry that he is one of the many fallen, but I like to think that he is just retired somewhere in California. Perhaps he is sipping a glass of ice tea watching boys on surf boards.

Does anyone know? Send a call out to William Higgins!

And what happened to Paul Morgan? He just sort of fell of the gay porn radar. Did he tweak off one too many times at a circuit party? Where is Anthony Gallo? What happened to him?

You know, we do not do a very good job of keeping up with our gay porn idols once they make one too many videos and the industry discards them —- or they just get sick of the biz and quit. Don’t they deserve a star on Hollywood Blvd? Don’t they deserve more?

Sigh. Ode to the forgotten gay porn stars.

…And why does Jeff Stryker continue on? He and his silly doll bore me.

April 30, 2004. Uncategorized.


  1. foxystone replied:

    what did happen to that smiling thin big dicked far shooting porno stud… I wonder too. I hope he is stil alive, he has inspired many moments for me.

  2. Jamie replied:

    I have been trying to find out what happened to David Ashfield?

    Can anyone e=mail me about him, weather he has a website or e-mail address. I would like to write a fan letter to him. I had such a crush on him.

    Jamie Miele

  3. Trthmstr replied:

    Paul morgan never ” tweaked”. His idea of a circuit party, was a large pepperoni and anchovy pizza, and a day at the beach with a case of beer and his beloved dogs. He simply quit the biz when the work dried up. Some of these guys dont know how to end it. Thats when things get ugly. I came into the biz from the real world, and simply re entered it when the homo directors felt I was over exposed. between gigs in those days, I would take,my dogs, and get in my motor home, and head to the county line beach, or the angeles forest, for some back country, rifle shooting. Targets only. I would rather eat a balony sandwich than kill a helpless animal. I was also heavy into jet skiing in those days. I only hung with chics then, and would never take a homo with me, lest I wanted to get my ass kicked.

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