Fassbinder Obsession Continues!

I am just am unable to stop thinking about, reading about, researching about and watching Fassbinder films. Both he and his films just fascinate me. However, I am unable to locate anyone who shares this interest and it is most frustrating. There is a professor at Harvard University who is considered a Fassbinder scholar. Maybe I should get Karl to find his email address for me and I can start bothering him. When I think about it, I’ve always like German film —- and French film. Actually, I just like film.

The new Patti Smith CD is a bit of a disappointment for me. I just want the 1970’s Patti Smith Group style — now it is more, oh, preachy or something. …and, really, if you are listening to a Patti Smith CD —- any preaching is going directly to the choir. However, her boyfriend is quite hot and young enough to be her son. Cool. Good for Patti. As The White Stripes produced the new Loretta Lynn CD —- I picked it up. I guess I was anticipating it to be somehow similar to what Rick Rubin did with Johnny Cash. However, it is not nearly as cool — but I do like it. It is straight-ahead hillbilly country, but with a bit of an edge and I like it. Kind of pure. Never thought I would see the day when I would enjoy a Loretta Lynn CD better than one by Patti Smith. Go figure.

I think my boss thinks I am slipping into a depression again. It is a pain and I think a deflector for her to not think about her own health issues. But I really do not enjoy the projections upon me. Work has sucked for a number of reasons. Just had to eliminate some positions and let a few people go. That so totally sucks. It is just hard to do. I have no issue with terminating someone for poor performance, but having to lay folks off just sucks. I hope it is all over. Also, right now there is just so much corporate politicking going on — which I do not enjoy at all. And, obviously, morale for my staff and the office as a whole is low. So, I think I made a mistake to discuss it with my boss because now she seems to be convinced that I am slipping back into a depression. Ugh! …at least I know she cares. Oy.


April 28, 2004. Uncategorized.

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