Do you say “N.E.R.D.” or just “Nerd”? I Just Don’t Know How to Say They’re Name!

While I do love hippity hoppity music with all the words spelled funny — I do not know how to pronounce the name of this band. I do love their new CD tho! Well, if you’ve read my better-half’s Blog posting you know that we are just a therapy-bustin’ couple of fools! I just met with a new shrink today. I liked her, but find the first two sessions with a shrink so difficult. I guess I am still depressed and she has concerns — so I left the appointment feeling kind of down. I was fairly useless at work today after that.

Mental health. Do you have it?

Got Psychosis?

I felt so good when I walked in this afternoon to Dusty. I love our puppy. …Karl just mocks her, but I think he loves her too.

Well, this is an exciting post. Not. So I will bring it to an end. I need to get to bed early as the new Patti Smith CD comes out tomorrow and I need to get my beauty rest tonight!

OH!, by the way? Did you catch “Queer As Folk” last night? Why in the hell didn’t Ted take that cute-tightly-skinned-rehab boy to bed???? …and, at the very least, why didn’t Ted offer to take the couch so that the boy could sleep in the bed???? Ugh. Annoyed me.

April 26, 2004. Uncategorized.

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