And, Then, The Artist Tries to Satisfy Everyone

Nice, lazy Sunday. I did venture to a movie. I saw THE GIRL NEXT DOOR. Now, this should probably go on my movie blog page —- but I just do not have the patience to worry with it. Anyway, the main reason I saw it was to look at Timothy Olyphant who is most “do-able” The movie wanted to be really good, but in the end the director seemed unable to commit to a RISKY BUSINESS-like comedy or a reflective film on the porn industry and the pains of growing up. The film contains some great acting and a part of the story is really interesting, but it is hard to focus on that due to the bathroom humor that keeps coming in and out. Now, RISKY BUSINESS was really a very good movie. However, it just didn’t have the solid script of the 80’s comedy. So, in their attempt to make two different audiences happy — they created a movie that just does not work. Too bad.

2nd new episode of Queer As Folk tonight! I am all excited.

This coming week promises to be most challenging at work. It will be a very difficult 5 days. At least I know it headed in — so, I guess that makes it a bit easier.

I gave Dusty a bath tonight. She freaked and Karl accused me of being mean. However, I just am unable to deal with a dog who smells like a dog. Dusty needs to smell like a princess!

April 25, 2004. Uncategorized.

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