A Brush With Death!

Dusty, The Amazing Stupid Puppy, managed to choke on her dog food this morning — luckily Karl noticed in time and pushed on her puppy chest a couple of times and out came a HUGE clump of puppy food. Oh course, Dusty wanted down immediately and tried to take the same clump back in her mouth! OY! I was asleep — so I didn’t have to witness the horror. Karl saved Dusty’s life! He is a hero!

On my way home last night around 10pm I saw a kid bitch-slap a cop, then put his hands out seeming to eagerly await being hand-cuffed and arrested. And, that is just what happened. The cop actually seemed more amused than pissed. Oh, those kids!

Saw Ewan McGreggor (I don’t how to spell his name and am far too lazy to check on it, but I am sure you know to whom I refer) take off his clothes …a lot in this really bad film called YOUNG ADAM. Still don’t know why it was called YOUNG ADAM when there was no one in the cast or story named Adam — nor was there anyone who was young. Watched Fassbinder’s Veronika Voss last night. It was amazing. I am really excited about seeing the new Guy Martin movie, THE SADDEST MUSIC IN THE WORLD! It looks really interesting and rather amusing.

Karl is out exploring the Bunker Hill Monument with our pals, Dan and Bill. I’ve seen it — so I opted to take a lovely walk with my walkman listening to early 60’s vintage Barbra — it was like butta! Beautiful day — sunny and in the high 50’s. Now, I am back home blogging and playing with the puppy. Sorry, not a very exciting blogging entry. Will try to do better tomorrow or later tonight.

April 24, 2004. Uncategorized.

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