Ben Jelen…

Is he the Elton John for the naughts or the male Tori Amos for the decade? I guess we will need to wait for the next two CD’s before we will really know. Personally, I feel he is like Tori with a big ol dick. At least it is my hope that he has a big one! He is so cute!

…However, he is no Enrique or Freddie Prinze, Jr. Anyway, I had Jelen’s CD in the bedroom stereo and somehow the alarm setting was set —- so at about 3am the stereo started blaring Ben at top volume. All I can remember is waking up and trying to hit Karl because I felt he was responsible for some reason. He had to crawl out of bed and turn it off.

I am also about to enter a Fasbinder stage. During my depression spending spree I purchased a number of his movies on DVD. I’ve always wanted to watch his movies — now I will study them! Have no fear, I will provide a report on my movie blog. Anyway, his movies have always seemed so interesting to me. Can’t wait to watch — have a long weekend coming up.

By the way — Jen???? Are you out there? You promised me you would help get my movie page set up with comments and that stuff. I have tried and tried, but I just can’t seem to get it right. Help? Please?

Oh, they retrieved all of my data — for the most part. At least I know when my next minor surgical procedure is happening! Ugh! I really miss my boss —- work isn’t much fun without her. And the corporate intrigue continues —- I just don’t think I am smart enough to swim with all of these sharks, but I seem to be getting by without getting bit.

Oh, I found a great new site via Thomas at Homoesque — also, the writer of this site is a real cutie! Check it out Here! …oh, the link doesn’t work. Hmmmm… You know, I should be more polite and check to make sure he would even want me to link to his site. So check back!


April 14, 2004. Uncategorized.

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  1. coffee replied:

    whatever happened to is it me, Freddie Prinze Jr., anyway?

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