Friday Night Movie cancellation and Plans for a Saturday Night

Had to cancel my normal Friday night plans — due to work. So it goes. The only real pay-off was that I got to have dinner at Wendy’s. For me, this is high-end eating. I love fast food. No matter how bad it is for me, I just love it. Anyway, got home late last night and watched DVD of MR. SHOW with Karl, but feel asleep. Then I watched an interesting French film I had ordered a month or so ago called THE TROUT — that would be the English translated title. I am unable to remember the French title. Anyway, I love watching Isabelle Huppert. She is super cool. However, this film left me with many questions — but it was written and directed by the same man who brought us that cinematic classic, BOOM — with Liz Taylor and Richard Burton.

Karl and I are about to head over to Cambridge and take in LENIN — a German film which has received a good amount of acclaim. I really need to update my movie review page!

We are meeting up with our pals, Jason and Dave, for dinner and to catch the new Ryan Landry play — a spoof of CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF — I believe Ryan’s production is called PUSSY ON TIN, but am not positive. Anyway, we are seeing that tonight. Then we might go for a drink at the Ramrod.

April 3, 2004. Uncategorized.

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